Virtual Reality : What is it and Recent Innovations

So friends today in this article at I am going to tell you about Virtual Reality and recent innovation in this field.

According to Wikipedia,

Virtual Reality (VR), sometimes referred to as immersive multimedia, is a computer-simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds. Virtual reality can recreate sensory experiences, which include virtual taste, sight, smell, sound, and touch.

Or in Simple words we can say that , Any kind of computer generated environment which gives us real world like feeling is known as Virtual Reality.

So how this devices work :

  • These device generally include Three-dimensional images that appear to be life-sized from the perspective of the user
  • These devices also has the ability to track a user’s motions, specially head and eye movements, and correspondingly adjust the images on the user’s display to reflect the change in perspective

If we talk about recent work, a lot of work has been done.

Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR

We can take example of Samsung Gear VR, which i used today on a demonstration by Samsung at IIT Delhi.

So what they did is just put a spectacle like device on my eyes with a Samsung mobile phone attached on it. There was a video playing inside that phone. You can see in the above picture that how this device looks like.

After wearing this device, it feels like i am in another world. A video of moon was being played in that gadget. The gadget tracked the motion of my head and generated the same view in front of my views. At that time, i really felt that i am at the moon.

According to Samsung this gadget is Beyond Imagination and is a Simpler way to enjoy immersive experience.

Apart from Samsung, other companies like HTC has also made similar gadgets such as HTC Vive Valve VR.


So friends, how was the article. Did i missed something? do you have any suggestions? Please feel free to comment below.



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