Google Will Tell Where is Your Lost SmartPhone

Google’s new Smart Phone Tracking Feature

Now Google will not only search for contents on websites, now it will also help you to find your lost smartphone. Yes it is true! With Google’s new Smartphone tracking you can easily track your lost smartphone from the comofrts of your home without any police or forensics Department help.

So how this feature will work

Step 1 :

To use this feature all you have to do is Sign in to your computer browser with Same Email as that of your Android Phone. Means you have to login into your computer with that email id that you used to log into your Android Phone.

Or in Simple words you have to use same Gmail account on both devices i.e your computer and Android Phone.

Step 2 :

After logging in just search in google for “find my phone” and a map will appear on your screen telling you the location of your android phone.

Google not only tells the location of your phone but also provides option for :

  1. Ring out your phone loudly
  2. To Lock your phone and wipe your all data

Requirement to Use this feature:

  1. Your phone should be able to access internet.
  2. Your GPS Should be turned on

Please note that the above feature will not work if your phone is out of Network Coverage or your GPS is turned off.

Secondly this feature will work only on Android Devices. You can’t use this feature on Windows phone or Iphones.

So how was this post. Did i missed something? or something was not right? Please feel free to comment your thoughts or views.

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